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Avertas Energy is a practical solution to two big community challenges:

  • Disposing of significant quantities of household rubbish
  • Providing additional secure and uninterrupted (baseload) renewable energy

Located in the heart of the Kwinana Industrial Area, south of Perth, Avertas Energy will use world-class technologies to process 460,000 tonnes per year of residual (post recycling) waste, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and delivering 38MW of baseload electricity to the grid.

These outcomes are the equivalent of taking 85,000 cars off Perth’s roads and powering 50,000 Perth households every year.

Avertas Energy will receive household waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill, occupying valuable productive land and producing a range of harmful greenhouse gases.

Avertas Energy will use tried and tested moving grate combustion technology already operational in more than 2,000 similar waste-to-energy facilities around the world.

Avertas Energy believes waste-to-energy can act as an essential and integral part of a larger urban waste management strategies and systems, as the process of Recovery complements the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycling) that underpin most modern waste management strategies.

Once fully commissioned, Avertas Energy will not only process residential waste for energy recovery, it will produce ash by-products which are used internationally for construction materials, and recover over 6,000 tonnes per year of recyclable metals not normally recovered by other means.

Located in the heart of
the Kwinana Industrial Area

Avertas Energy facility is designed to process 460,000 tonnes per year of residual (post recycling) Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

Location Kwinana, Western Australia

Max electricity delivered: 38MW

Avertas Energy is the first facility in Australia to integrate recovery and reuse of waste with the generation of energy to deliver renewable baseload power.


Avertas Energy will develop markets for ash as a component of construction materials, already commonly used in Europe, UK and Japan. The process also recovers metals for recycling. This supports government’s ambitions for landfill diversion targets.

A lifecycle greenhouse gas assessment for the project estimates that potential net reduction in overall carbon emissions will be 400,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This independent assessment factors in reductions in landfill gas emissions and other offsets. This is achieved through replacement fossil fuel electricity generation, recovery of recycle metals and the production of alternative construction materials.

Providing a national benchmark for sustainable waste management and take a leadership role in the development of important waste-to-energy initiatives.

Establishing a long-term, reliable waste management and renewable energy generation service to the Western Australian community, which is complementary, informs and encourages other waste management practices such as recycling and composting.

Engaging with local communities and governments to raise awareness and drive improvements in waste source separation and further improve all forms of recycling.

Provide local benefits and synergies such as directing electricity back into the local grid and distributing recovered by-products for use by neighbouring manufacturing companies in the Kwinana Industrial Area, Henderson and Fremantle Port zones.

Creating and maintaining new jobs, Avertas Energy will create more than 800 roles during construction and 60 long-term jobs once operational. As the first waste-to-energy facility in Australia, the construction of this project will create a new skill set for the local job market.

ACCIONA is a global leader in renewable energy and infrastructure solutions. With a commitment to economic, environmental, and social progress, ACCIONA actively drives the transition towards a low-carbon economy and is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future in Australia and New Zealand.

ACCIONA aims to contribute to Australia and New Zealand’s sustainable development through their projects and the positive impact they have on people and the planet.

Veolia Australia and New Zealand (Veolia) is the region’s environmental solutions organisation with specific capabilities across water and wastewater treatment, energy management, waste and resource recovery services, and industrial cleaning and facilities maintenance services. Veolia employs 4000 employees and operates across more than 240 locations within the region. Veolia operates over 60 energy recovery facilities around the globe.

The international consortium constructing and operating the facility includes Spanish infrastructure and renewable energy company Acciona, with technology provider Keppel Seghers, and waste management and energy services company Veolia.

Our brand

Avertas is the Latin word for ‘switch’. We believe strongly in the concept of switching to a new alternative to landfill and a new reliable source of energy. Our new Kwinana waste-to-energy facility will switch communities to sustainable energy that provides a range of benefits.

The boomerang shape of our logo represents the idea of something that is thrown away but returns, such as the delivery to households and businesses of energy that is derived from their waste.

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