Site Progress: April 2021

2021-04-21T19:32:39+10:0021 Apr 2021|

April has been a busy month for the Avertas team as we commence the Water Tank installation on the north side of the Waste Bunker/Tipping Hall.

Significant progress is being made on the steelwork and precast concrete flooring with the installation making progress to level 1-2. A large amount of infrastructure has been installed, including the Boiler Ash and APCr (2off) silos, the Condensate Tank and Flue Gas lines from the ID Fan to the edge of the building as well as the Feedwater Tank/Deareator installed at the 16.5 metre level.

The foundation for the Fire Water tanks and pumphouse is in the process of being cast and on track for completion as well as the lifting of the boiler water wall which is in progress.

Check back here next month for more important site updates occurring in May

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