New fact sheet shows energy from waste plant emissions will be 99.9 per cent steam and air

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Avertas Energy has released an industry-first factsheet detailing its energy from waste plant emissions, combining independent data and analysis from world-leading environmental experts.

The fact sheet shows emissions from Avertas Energy will contribute no more than 3.7 per cent to levels of pollutants independently measured in the Kwinana air shed, and in most cases will have no measurable impact on air quality.

The modelling shows facility emissions are expected to remain well below stringent licence conditions, which align with those set for urban-based facilities in Europe.

As the first facility of its type in Australia, Avertas Energy is conscious of its responsibility to educate the public on how the energy from waste process may affect surrounding communities and the general emissions of the Kwinana industrial area.

Energy from waste is a mature technology used in some of the most sophisticated cities in the world. As a result, Avertas Energy’s energy from waste process is advanced and modelling shows the impact on local air quality is minimal. People who live and work in and near Kwinana can be assured that, when operational, the facility emissions will be well below the strict international standards set for the project.


The factsheet covers topics including:

  • The compounds that make up Avertas Energy’s emissions;
  • What the facility’s expected emissions are compared to its licence and international standards;
  • How the expected emissions compare to other industries;
  • The contribution Avertas Energy will make to air quality in Kwinana;
  • And how the facility’s design keeps odour in check.


Avertas Energy chief executive Frank Smith said he encouraged all local residents and interested parties to read the document and familiarise themselves with the energy from waste process.

“This factsheet clearly explains the emissions from the Avertas Energy facility and is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to understand these complex processes but doesn’t necessarily have the technical expertise to interpret some of the statistics out there,” Mr Smith said.

The factsheet is the first in a series documents which will keep the public informed about a variety of topics relating to Avertas Energy and the Waste-to-Energy process in general.

The factsheet can be viewed here: PRESERVING OUR AIR QUALITY

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